First really big headed driver I’ve had previously used to titleist JVS so found the looks iffy at first but now very happy with it. The Callaway Big Bertha is a sexy looking club from this angle. Prior to its release to the public, the Big Bertha Titanium Driver already had established a reputation as the world’s longest driver. I know exactly where the ball hits the club face at impact. He now owns my G5 and I now own his By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. When I swtiched, I increased the carry on my drives from to

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He hit my G5, and loved it and was hitting it dead straight at about Combined with the short i. As always we would recommend a custom fitting session to get the right shaft for your swing. Recently I was practicing at the range and the wind was blowing and gusting about 25 mph straight on.

I hit it farther than any other club, I recommend it very much. As long off the tee as others though found able to play the ball more forward it produced a higher and longer shot with little deviations. This is decidedly not so with the — this is one heckuva low-ball driver. They travelled straighter, but lost about yards. It looks good and performs just as well. Sits well behind the ball, is easy to hit and makes a great solid sound at impact. Callaway naturally has a large variety of shafts for custom fitting, and I encourage anyone considering a Big Bertha to start with a higher loft and a lower-kickpoint shaft than they may first suspect.


My misses were simply bigger low cuts. User Reviews Troy Howe.

Callaway Big Bertha Titanium 454 Driver Review

The Callaway Big Bertha driver callasay a quality club. From the front, the clubface looks a tutanium like someone blew a bunch of air into the shaft and inflated the clubhead like a balloon.

This driver is a lot more Ping Eye 2 than Titleistif you get my drift. And hey, put a good swing on it and you may find yourself yards out, looking back at David Mobley and chuckling.

The Callaway definitely appears to have more weight on the sole and for me this callawxy greatly to the ability to control the direction and flight shape to a greater degree. The Big Bertha Titanium Driver is available right handed in 8- 9- and degree lofts, as well as a High Trajectory 15 degrees loft. Callaway always callaawy heavily on how a club sounds and feels and this one scores highly in both areas.

Callaway Big Bertha Titanium Driver Review – Golfalot

It hits straight with a boring shot trajectory. My one friend had this driver, I hit his all weekend, he hated me for it because I was hitting it better than he was.

Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully callaaay will be included on the page once approved. Mis-hits had a very loud pinging titaniium, and solid hits had an even louder ping sound. I hit this club extremely high. The original Big Bertha drivernow about ten years old, was much bigger than the persimmon and steel drivers available from the competitors, and the — though not the biggest — is certainly up there.


Ultimately I bought one for myself.

Callaway Big Bertha Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Goes a long way and pretty forgiving, all you’ll ever need! Prior to its release to the public, the Big Bertha Titanium Driver already had established a reputation as the world’s longest driver.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I play a G5, and I hit it well— to —and smack dab in the middle of the fairway about half the time, and very seldom in never-never land.

It felt comfortable, though I prefer a softer, corded grip. The driver loves to hit the ball low, unlike every other Callaway driver to date, and you may be surprised at how high a loft and how low a shaft kickpoint you need to get this baby airborn.

Share this with your golf buddies: This is a great thing for those looking for game improvement from their drivers, but silly fools like me who would rather be told where they mishit the shot should look elsewhere.

Tee 445 ball higher for the Callaway Big Bertha than you would with a smaller driver — this driver has a big face and hits the ball callawah I am currently using a BB2 with a 44 inch stock callaway stiff firm shaft because the shortness of the shaft tightens it to somewhere between a stiff and an x shaft.