In-Kernel 3rd party Drivers Advantages: Chipset info at http: The newer driver http: Afatech AFA , Freescale mc44s Some “broken” devices where sold with cold id:

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Dvb-T Tv Stick T Windows 7 – Download Drivers

Chipset info at http: The information contained here is likely non-exhaustive and, despite best efforts to do otherwise, may contain errors. Newer kernels supported via this way [6]. Latest Windows drivers dates january and can be downloaded at freecom.

The device specific article is linked via the device’s name but not all are linked yet. Please don’t dvb-f your device here but try to add it to the table above.

See these posts for more details: Depending on what exactly the manufacturer did, you may have to reinstall the drivers every time your kernel is updated. USB ID is 13d3: Please feel free to create a device specific page if there is enough worthwhile information that doesn’t fit in the comments field.


No additional firmware file is needed. First version of the driver has been released, look here.

Download Drivers

ASUS also provides drivers for this device through their website [70]. Same device as AB, but it could need linuxtv to works.

Hybrid devices have a DVB-demodulator and a analogue capturing chip. If your device is not listed, try: See device page for details.

USB ID before firmware: If the driver crashes, it won’t crash the system stjck kernel, only the driver and applications using the driver tc be affected.

Tested on Ubuntu This can be solved by using a separate USB adapter with a reliable chipset e. If you are experiencing problems with USB devices, it may not be the fault of the tuner.

You’re soliciting help from volunteer developers who work on V4L-DVB matters in their spare time, and such work can be non-trivial i.

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Hauppauge Nova-TD Stick Sundtek provides their own 3rd party dvv-t driver which is independent of all kernel versions. For example AMD series chipsets e. It “kind of works” for me with the older driver http: Eventually this page will become organized, but for now, you’ll have to bear the mess Closed source userspace drivers mostly Sundtek Advantages: You can’t look into the sources.


Realtek submitted a v0. Just click on the edit icon in the last column of the device’s row. Sold as Mac exclusive, but exterior seems to be the same as dnt EuroStick. Normally they share a tuner. Was the first USB2.

There are several variants by the same name. Should NOT be treated as an order drop-off queue.