I did run into this, but assumed it all outdated, given it is from My thought was to fill the channels but when I check ‘General’ it still says ‘Muxes awaiting initial scan: Did you look at this: My thought was to fill the channels. Next I updated TVHeadend to version 3. Disable “monitor signal quality”, then rescan. It seems some sort of driver issue, not tvheadend as far as I can see.

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Is there a way to force a scan, other than restarting tvheadend? I’m ready to move away from trial mode now.

First of all, please let me know if this is the correct forum for my question. DVBLogic Visit our new site at www. I got an HTTP error.

The hardware I use is an USB 2. I followed the guidlines on http: Like modulators, signal meters, analyzers, sniffers Please note that kernel version listed here is the version where device ID originally was added.

Device IDs are usually back-ported to older stable kernels too, which means there could be support even kernel is older than listed here. I did notice that some providers use a different way of sending information about muxes specifically Ziggo, which I use, does this to confuse users and to avoid people using their own hardware, but maybe also CaiWay uses a similar system.


It seems that for some reason the super user account created during the initial setup cannot be used to view tv. The strange thing is that the number of services is only 14, while there are much more services. Maybe try adding the mux by hand? So, basically try to start clean and then manually add the “start-mux” following the parameters as given in the links for your region first?

Anysee e30 plus download

It is possible to install latest LinuxTV. It does not work since wrong hardware profile. Please correct me if I am wrong Anysed the found channels did not worked. Krimpen aan den IJssel Albrandswaard I still need to figure out the guide support in the MCE client, but that is a secondary step.

Also all kind of digital television equipment’s are more than welcome since those make development easier. I have got some early revision which differs versions seen in the public.


When I logon as that user via http: You could probably use the same details for your initial mux in tvheadend also. I will try to fix that It looks like bug is still in version 3.

Didn’t realize that separate software was required to decrypt the channels.

media: anysee: fix non-working E30 Combo Plus DVB-T [Linux 3.13.3]

After mapping the dvb services to channels I was able to watch TV with Tvheadend. If you really want some bugfix or enhancement, ask if I can do that: I have enabled ‘idle scanning’ and combp the 4 frequencies entered I now see a MuxId by 2 off them.

One thing might be worth trying: As a work-around I have created a new user. Might be, One thing might be worth trying: My thought was to fill the channels. I’m trying to get my 3 tuner setup to work.

If you have device you wish to donate you can send it to my address.