The sub wasn’t begging for death, either, mind you, as long as I was kind to it by keeping the volume down to sub-party levels. It’s cheap and cheerful, its remote volume control is handy, it looks nice, and it really doesn’t sound that bad. They are powerful, and the high frequencies, though not perfect, are quite respectable. DC power input, audio line-in. Not appalling, but not even as good as the Altec-Lansing sub, which has considerably more driver area. However there are a couple of things I’d like to mention is that the speakers are meant for PCs inside a room.

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Another cool thing about it is that it’s Black in color and not the Plain-Jane white we see so often. If you’d notice the yellow label on the sub woofer, it is a heat hazard warning. More usefully, there’s a headphone socket as well; it’s on the top of the remote, next to the cable entry point.

It is a real pain in the butt actually pain in the head as I kept hitting my head on the table top to reach the control. Items that are bought by us when a purchase is made, this generally is for highly expensive items, items with a very slow run rate or speciality items.

Getting away from critical listening, the system’s performance for games was fine. Creative Labs Inspire Altec Lansing Page The weirdest thing about the system is the satellite speakers.

Creative Labs FPS1600

The satellites also have drum roll proper speaker terminals, not dodgy RCA leads; the system comes with plain figure-8 cable to connect them, but you can also use your own leads terminating in banana plugs, if you like. I have been shopping with Overclockers for years, very professional, quick delivery service, great customer service. The Lucasfilm THX specification for movie and home theatre sound systems doesn’t fpps1600 great sound – movie systems can be poorly maintained, home ones can be set up badly – but it does guarantee that the gear can manage a ton of bass, solid even sonic imaging, and very blooming high fourpointsuground pressure levels, assuming the people in charge of the sound system have their act together.


The satellite speaker from the FPS are fantastic, they are the same type of speakers four;ointsurround Desktop Theater 5.

Creative Fps PC Sound Speakers FourPointSurround by Cambridge Soundworks | eBay

The sound got even better when I ran my DVD movies. But that’s a problem that the more expensive multimedia systems have too. That’s the way all sensible speakers should behave, but a lot of cheap computer subs just let crearive through, whether they’ve got a hope of playing it or not. And the whole system managed to play more than acceptably loudly. This is not what you’d call a humungous subwoofer, either.

Well, not that I could find, anyway. Small sharp ports act like a poorly engineered whistle when you move too much air through them. B – Placing the rear speakers behind the user C – Placing the rear speaker at the edge of a wide table while front speaker next to the monitor D – Place the rear speaker below the table top at each side Note: There isn’t a lot of room for drivers in satellites this skinny, so Altec Lansing have used these one inch “Micro Drivers”, with aluminium dish-cones, a cloth roll surround that gives them more fore-and-aft movement capability than most tiny drivers, and a swish looking plastic bar across the front of each driver to protect it from damage.


An item that has been previously used. That’s not saying much. There are six amplifier ICs, four on one side of the heat sink and two on the other. You don’t need a fancy speaker system.

If an ETA is available it will be displayed on hover.

Creative Cambridge Soundworks Speaker Systems FPS | eBay

The Inspire subwoofer’s a beefy looking unit, by by mm in size The sound driven out from the satellite speaker was very impressive. There’s no channel-mixing control provided, but the FPS pre-amplifier still lets you do foupointsurround speaker output from a single stereo-pair input; if you’ve only connected the “front” input, all four satellites get the signal.

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Cambridge SoundWorks FourPointSurround FPS1600 – speaker system – for PC

Subscribe to our newsletter. It’s fantastic for games and watching movies off your PC in a room. It’s not got the fancy surround modes of the Inspirebut it’s got much better speakers and a much better price tag.

Driver Details 1st speaker Speaker Type.