This is just the beginnings of the work though, I wanted to share so if your interested you can help. I dug out the code you need to store data in flash over a power cycle. If so, will it build against kernel 3. Hardware metering causes a kernel panic when I run amixer -c 1. However, it did seem that sometimes the setting would save randomly, but other times not. I sent you a pull request on github for the addition of the patch. Sounds like the module was not loaded into the kernel into the kernel.

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Unless someone thinks the patch below is wrong then I might post it to safire ALSA list and see if the driver maintainer wants to merge it.

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 – reliable?

I could definitely use your help on the driver side though. Yes the patch works for that. Connecting Ardour appears to work, as it is able to see input and record input, showing waveforms etc.

This is too large of a topic to cover here. I hope to keep a version of this doc updated in the repo. The ICEs seem to be sensitive to this. On Sun, 1 MarJeremy Jongepier wrote: I was able to complie and run the change into focusrkte linux 3. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. So the irq order was specific to my old P4. I trust that one day it will come to work with linux, until then thank you for all your efforts.


Then I tried to loop a short piece of sound for a while, and in Ardour I can see that the cursor sometimes stops and moves in short skips, as if the transport doesn’t work correctly all the time. Scarlett support is starting to make progress getting into Linux. VU-meters are not supported by my branch for now and will most certainly require a matching user-space application to work properly.


I have tried sqffire increase buffer size in JACK, and still no playback sound. Scarlett 18i20 USB [ Ok, tried it out on Ubuntu There are some routing configuration without any submixes being used for example so there is no place even for master fader in alsa.

Thobias or Tyler Do I have to do any modification to try your drivers with a 6i6? This is how windows driver works and this is the only one correct way.

I can only answer some of these questions. Regards, Robert Hey, guys I can help with some testing and coding. While some users have reported streaming success, there is currently no way to control the onboard mixer or router with FFADO.


Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Simply go to Ubuntu software center and install it.

In other words I would focusritd irq 21 at 85, 20 at 80 and 18 at So … disaster … I have a new door stop. Great job you guy are doing.

Avoid revised Focusrite Saffire Pro40 |

New USB device strings: Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. I am able to see the scarlett in Jack but Jack only sees midi.

I saffiee compared the setup to the 48kHz project, and all is identical, except the 48kHz still plays back correctly.

Keyboard mini din, mouse USB, since the mini din mouse didn’t work with some Linux installs anymore.