Starting from Version Programmers using the J2EE programming model will gravitate to the Type 2 driver as it provides top performance and complete function. I don’t know if it works with the Compact Edition or if you already tried it, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Jtds is a JDBC3. It consists of a set of interfaces and classes written in the Java programming language. I have followed the directions to turn on trace for jdbc and ta, but I see no difference in the output.

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But before using a server cursor, make sure the query is cursorable, or SQL Server will just return all the rows anyway I am guessing it has something jdbbc2.0 do with the sql definitions in mssql-jdbc2-service. That C library is part of the Oracle server process and communicates directly with the internal SQL engine inside Oracle. Can someone help with this error? The point of a persistant queue is tjhat the state is stored in it.

This is what I see in my mssql-jdbc2-service. Don’t update the JIRA issue with questions! On the second and all subsequent attempts at starting the server I get a javax. I jrbc2.0 wound up with this: I have not been successful at getting it to run on a XP workstation, but I think that is because the DTS is not running. Thus, it can be used as System Store instead of the Derby database, to boost the performance of the components relying on it.


Understanding JDBC Drivers

Hi Adrian, thanks for your response. I realized after I submitted the post, that I did not have the portion of the server.

This is the most commonly-used driver. One thing that you have to be msaql of, SQL Server will frequently change the port that it listens on to some other number that’s Microsoft for ya if you get a connection refused on startup check and see what port it is actually listening on.

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You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Or consider using a server-side cursor when executing the query.

Please type your message and try again. This is a Type 4 driver and supports Sybase 10, idbc2.0, 12 and In addition, since this driver is mssqk FAT client with natively compiled code. Is this fix one that I can apply on top of 4. This caused me some delay in trackinig down what happened, because there was no indication that it had changed from other than a connection refused message.

I guess that would be some complex jni stuff though Thanks David, That makes perfect sense now.


Download Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 2.0 from Official Microsoft Download Center

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The network driver is a Type 4 driver: I have done no other processing, I just shut it down and start it back up. Thursday, April 9, 3: I don’t see the issue here with Jboss JCAthe configurations seems to be ok It illustrates a very interesting point about data retrieval with the 2.

You should enable trace jssql for org.

JMS error with SQLServer |JBoss Developer

Compact Edition is meant to be accessed by an application which has loaded the. ServiceController] starting service jboss: In the conf directory of my server, I edit the file jboss-log4j. This driver uses Java native methods to call entrypoints in an underlying C library.

After Googling around I bit I found a hint that I needed to check at the place I described in the post to find out what port it was listening on.

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